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How do cloud-based solutions make your payroll process easy?

In cloud-based solutions, all the information is stored in cloud servers, you can easily access it from anywhere and anytime. All you need is a simple internet connection so it doesn't matter where you are you can access payroll information and authorised payments.

Cloud payroll software is a payroll management system that collects, manages and maintains employee data to automate employees payroll.

Through cloud-based technology, companies can increase their productivity by introducing new software with the slightest of risk, and reducing internal manual errors.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions:

  • Employee Data is Centralised:

Payroll is just more than calculating your employee’s paychecks. If we misremembered the date of joining of the employee it may cause losing out a whole day of his wages. With cloud payroll system, you can track and manage the information related to your employees life events such as attendance tracking, benefits, salary revisions and leaves.

  • Reduced workload for payroll staff:

Maintaining the work records manually can be a tiring task for the HR or the supervisor in charge. Your employees personal information, tax related data, leave and attendance data and other information has the flow into your payroll system automatically for an errorless payroll. Employees can upload their proofs and documents themselves. If something is missing, you can send a real time message to request supporting documents and avoid the hassle of back and forth emails.

  • Real time data, anywhere in the world:

Cloud payroll system delivers information, insights and payroll metrics in real time, without the need of any external intelligence system. Cloud payroll systems have numerous advantages over traditional systems like spreadsheets or on-premises payroll software. With ZebiHR payroll software you can manage their payroll operations end-to-end.

  • Saving upfront cost:

Using cloud based payroll software frees businesses and organisations from the complexities, expense and managing the on-premises systems. Cloud payroll systems are updated by the vendors as often as needed, often several times a year. That’s an addition to the massive cost savings associated with not having to invest in servers and other hardwares to run on-premises systems.

ZebiHR is here to make the HRMS software simple and easy to use for the businesses with cloud based payroll software services.

We have helped 15,000+ users across India to automate their payroll, leave and attendance management and engaging employees

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